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Sauna is the Finnish word for bathing. At a low humidity (3-20% relative humidity) and a high temperature (70-100º) we can relax, increase resistance to infections, exercise the heart and blood circulation, activate the metabolism, and remove waste products via the skin. A regular sauna bath is healthy for young and old; pure relaxation for body and mind. With regular sauna visits your body becomes tougher and you will also have fewer cold problems outside the sauna than visitor who don't use the sauna. In the sauna cubicle you absorb a lot of heat, so you experience going outdoors into the fresh air and subsequent cold shower as pleasant. The repeated dilation, contraction and re-dilation of the blood vessels in the skin provide the body with exercise. People who attend the sauna regularly and who repeat the visit every 2 to 3 months according to the rules are in this way creating a natural mantle against summer and winter weather and they will notice that the become increasingly less sensitive to temperature differences, in their daily lives as well.

Finnish sauna

Kelo sauna

Meditation sauna - Banja Sauna

Infrared sauna

Japanese sauna

Himalayan saltcrystal sauna


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