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Does a sauna increase your natural resistance?

By attending the sauna weekly you can significantly improve your resistance. The temperature variations toughen your body and waste products are eliminated. You will be more resistant to diseases and the body will defend itself.


What does a sauna do to your skin?

By perspiring your pores are thoroughly cleansed and dead skin cells are loosened. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated which results in an attractive, fresh tint as a result.


Can you have a sauna while pregnant?

You can always have a sauna if you feel well. Naturally, you should exercise caution during the first three months. After that, you should listen to your own body and consult a doctor if you have any doubts. Pregnant women are given adapted treatment when receiving treatments. For instance, a back massage is done while lying on the side with the abdomen well supported.


What dress code applies to the sauna?

The code is literally nothing on the body. In the Baths you are welcome in an Adam or Eve outfit. It is compulsory to wear a robe in the relaxation rooms and the lounge.


What is a sauna cycle?

This is the sauna ritual that you go through each time. You begin each visit with a shower to cleanse the skin. Take a steam bath to open the pores and to let the body warm up gradually. When your body temperature is correct, enter the sauna and start at a low temperature (e.g. infrared sauna or meditation sauna). After being in the sauna for 15 minutes, it is important to cool down properly. This can be achieved with a cold shower, a cold plunge pool or a refreshing dive into the lake. After all of this, it is recommended that you allow your body to rest. Read a newspaper in the sanctuary or have something to drink in the lounge and you can repeat the process by starting at the beginning again.


What do you require?

To visit the sauna you mainly need time. Take the time required to relax and with us you are welcome to while away 6 or 7 hours in our numerous facilities. You also need two towels: one to lie on and one to dry yourself. A bathrobe and slippers are also compulsory items.


How can a sauna improve your health?

The variations in temperature improve your resistance and the body is better able to deal with the cold. Your level of energy will also increase, meaning that you will quickly feel fitter.


Can a visit to the sauna counteract skin ageing?

In a sauna, the skin is optimally cleansed. Blood vessels and pores dilate, which eliminates excessive sebaceous matter and external dust. This lets the skin replenish itself more rapidly and it becomes softer, suppler and improves the blood flow and supply, so the ageing process is delayed. Because of this, wrinkles develop less quickly.


What is scrubbing and what is it good for?

Scrubbing with salt in the scrub hut is simple and quick, resulting in a beautiful new skin! Scrubbing, or exfoliation, ensures that the upper skin layer is scoured off, so that a radiant, soft skin with fewer wrinkles comes to the fore. Tanning in summer is quicker and you retain a deep-brown colour for longer.


Why is the wearing of swimwear unhealthy?

Swimwear in the sauna results in the skin being unable to breathe. With swimwear you enclose certain body parts, which can cause the skin to overheat. The towelling becomes extremely hot and can burn or irritate the skin.


Can sleeping problems be resolved by paying a visit to the Roman Baths?

Nowadays, people are often overtired and need rest and relaxation. Sauna usage reduces your fatigue and stress, allowing you to sleep better. Not only is your body cleansed, but you also have the opportunity to completely free up your mind. A regular visit to the sauna can even improve severe sleep problems.

May you go to the sauna when you have a cold?

A steam bath is very good for people with a cold. The steam and the aroma in the air open the airways fully again. The other saunas also have a positive effect on the airways and breathing. Your nose will clear again and you will be able to breathe freely.

What is a duo treatment?

Our duo treatment is quite popular. Couples, friends and colleagues are treated next to each other in the same room. They are treated together and share their intense experience at the same time.

What is a massage good for?

During a massage the muscles are given an intense workout. Muscles are kneaded, making the body warm and improving the blood flow. We are able to quickly relieve a stiff neck or painful muscles after playing sport with a massage. We should also not forget the relaxation effect. People drift off to soft music and forget all their cares, so it also has a beneficial mental effect.

May children come with to the sauna?

We welcome children under the supervision of their parents. Not only adults, but children too benefit from a visit to the sauna. Children often find it pleasant because it is something different.

May people with rheumatism come to the sauna?

For people with rheumatism, we have our infrared sauna, which is very beneficial for muscles and joints. The infrared rays make joints suppler and the pain is relieved. Rheumatism patients can also use our other saunas without them experiencing a negative effect from this.

May people over the age of 60 years visit a sauna?

People over the age of 60 often have the most time to come to the sauna and also enjoy this immensely. Age is no restriction when going to the sauna.

What are Tibetan scales?

Tibetan scales are copper-coloured discs that produce a unique sound when struck, which is usually perceived as penetrating, pleasant and unusual.

Can everyone attend a Tibetan scale session or Tibetan scale meditation?

Yes, but it is not recommended for people with heart problems (pacemaker!) brain injuries, after a thrombosis, epilepsy, cancer, balance disorders, depression, mentally disturbed people, suspected breast nodules, any type of fever, etc.

What are chakras?

The chakras (Sanskrit for "wheel") can be compared to a type of energy source, which absorbs and emits energy via energy bands that flow through the body.

What are auras?

People, animals, plants and objects are all surrounded by an energy field that is called an aura.

What is meditating?

In our view, meditating is a technique that makes it possible for us to relax our body and mind and also to free our mind of unnecessary thoughts and brain activity.

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